Supervising In The 21st Century Janice Ceridwen

ISBN: 9781560525899

Published: November 9th 2000


108 pages


Supervising In The 21st Century  by  Janice Ceridwen

Supervising In The 21st Century by Janice Ceridwen
November 9th 2000 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 108 pages | ISBN: 9781560525899 | 8.63 Mb

As organizations trim, shape and reconfigure themselves responsibility falls more than ever to individual managers up and down the line, and in particular to the supervisor. Invariably this is where the day to day load is carried and it is where the craft of organizing and dealing with day-to-day issues meets an ever-increasing load of responsibility. A new supervisor, or one who assumes new duties, can often feel overwhelmed.

It is the idea of this book that the skills that are needed are already at hand for most people, if they can just learn how to make use of them. Decision-making, cooperation, adaptability are important tools to blend with the four most important skills to develop as a supervisor -- Communication, Work Design. Managing Yourself, and Accountability. The unique device the authors employ is to see the workplace through scenarios involving two supervisors -- one in customer service, the other in high-tech manufacturing.

Using this setting, challenges can be presented, and a framework developed that allows the reader to understand the skills through examples and through the use of exercises and checklists. A great way for the new supervisor to shape the skills needed in the new economy.

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