Dreams of Domination Ophelia Upmoore


Published: January 4th 2013


63 pages


Dreams of Domination  by  Ophelia Upmoore

Dreams of Domination by Ophelia Upmoore
January 4th 2013 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 63 pages | ISBN: | 10.46 Mb

Dreams of Domination is an erotic paranormal excursion into the subconscious land of dream. Leonard discovers the ability to enter the dreams of others, a power he uses to explore fantasies that hed never dare to live out in real-life. An erotic take on Freud and Jungs theories of communal dreaming with overtones of dominance and submission.Mild-mannered Leonard develops the ability to enter the dreams of others.

Its a seductive power that gives him dominion over the subconscious thoughts and desires of others. Can he resist its darker temptations, or will it change him forever?This 19000 word paranormal erotic romance contains scenes of bdsm, bondage, dream invasions, threesomes, gender swapping, lesbian sex, and both male and female domination.Who is this dream-master?Leonard was an average man with an average job until a sudden illness unlocked the secret potential lying within.

Now he can travel into the dreams of others, manipulating and molding their subconscious desires to suit his own erotic fantasies and fulfill their hidden desires.

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